7 Most Effective Fat-Burning Foods

Believe it or not – what you eat can actually help you lose weight, like these fat-burning foods!

These red (or green) wonders contain capsaicin, which spurs metabolic activities in your body. Plus, its heat-generating capacity melts away additional calories.

Green Tea
The best way to fire up your metabolism is to have four cups of green tea a day. This is thanks to a compound called EGCG that boosts your metabolic rate.

Sure, it’s sometimes known as the fattening fruit but did you know eating avocados is actually a great way to slim down? This is because avocado contains monounsaturated fat and it also plumps up cell membranes, stimulating fat-burning hormones.

Lean Meat
Proteins burn about 30 per cent of the calories that the food contains during digestion due to its high-thermogenic effect. Lean meats are a good choice as these contain less fats compared to others.

Drinking a cup of honey with water provides a host of health benefits, including its effectiveness in reducing calories. This is because honey utilises the extra fats deposited in your body to get energy for normal functions.

Greek Yoghurt
It’s no surprise why Greek yoghurt has been getting attention as the healthier alternative. Not only does it pack a bigger protein punch, it also contains less sugar than ordinary yoghurt.

Whole grains
Whole grains are a better and healthier alternative than processed food. Your body takes up more energy to burn twice as many calories in breaking down whole foods, particularly those rich in fibre like brown rice and oatmeal. 

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