Playing Tennis : 5 Health Benefits

Playing this prestigious sport with a group of friends can do wonders for your body, mind and soul. Here are the top five reasons why we think you should pick up this hobby.

Reduces Stress & Increases Self-Esteem
Did you know that tennis can help you cope with stress in a positive way? Players face different types of challenges such as fatigue, the need to change tactic, etc. Different levels of tennis also require different intensity. From this game, you will learn to cope with sudden situational and emotional changes.

Increase Your Discipline
Regular exercise, a proper diet, and getting an adequate amount of sleep are the main requirements that will help you perform better in a game of tennis. Discipline is one of the ways to reach your goals when it comes to tennis and by taking this sport up as a hobby, you will be trained on how to set certain goals in life and to plan strategically.

Burns Calories & Increases Energy
According to research, approximately 300-500 calories can be burnt just by playing tennis for an hour. You energy level increase gradually the more you practice as muscle contractions will result in the Adenosine Diophosphate in your body being recharged.

Sharpens Your Social Skills
Just like other sports, tennis will teach you how to open up and to interact better with people outside your comfort zone. Going off and spending a few hours with someone from a sports club will not only teach you how to become more alert, but it will also teach you how to socialise better with new people and to adapt to different surroundings.

Lowers Resting Heart Rates
Playing a game of tennis will help you to train your heart to function at its maximum capacity. In the game, you are required to move your body by using an extreme amount of strength to hit the ball and the short-burst of energy will cause you to burn more glycogen than fat for energy. In return, your heart will function at its maximum capacity and in the long run, this will help you overcome the problem of high resting heart rates.

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